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2015 Calendar of Events - Updated 10-27-2015

More information about the following events is forthcoming in future newsletters. Contact Phyllis Weidman to sign up to volunteer to help at any of our events.

All St. Louis Hosta Society meetings are held at 1:00 pm at the Creve Coeur Government Center, 300 N. New Ballas, St. Louis, MO 63141 (between Ladue Rd. and Olive), unless otherwise noted.

Jan. 17
Winter Scientific Meeting - Midwest Regional Hosta Society, Lisle, IL. Visit Midwest Hosta Society for more information.
Feb. 15

Annual Pot Luck Lunch

  • Club plant orders are due
  • The club will provide roast beef, chicken, and drinks. Members please bring the following: if your last name begins with A-P side dish or salad; R-Z dessert.
  • Short business meeting
Mar. 15 Guest Speaker - Connie Goss "The Dirt on Soil".  Connie Goss, from MoBot's Master Gardener's Speakers Bureau, will give an informative presentation about soil and the techniques we can use to grow soil for beautiful hostas. From testing soil using the Jar Test to encouraging beneficial fungi growth in your garden, Connie's topic will be illustrated with slides that acquaint you with soil and lead you through the process of building and maintaining it to improve plant growth.
April 19 Vendors Day and Club Plant pick up. Join us and do some spring garden shopping. We have a great variety of vendors lined up. Bring a friend or two and your checkbook. Club plants will be available for pick up. If you cannot pick up your plants, please make arrangements to have someone pick them up for you.
Saturday April 25
Starts at 8 AM
Work day at Missouri Botanical Garden, hosta area.
May 2 & 3
St. Louis Hosta Society Plant Sale at Missouri Botanical Garden. Set up 5 pm Friday. Sale opens at 9am Saturday and Sunday.
May 17 Garden Walk - Mike and Sharon Schmitt's garden. Details available in the April newsletter.
June 18-20
American Hosta Society National Convention - Raleigh, NC
June 28 Garden Walk - Jim and Phyllis Weidman's garden.
July 9-12
Midwest Regional Convention - Dubuque, IA. Visit Midwest Regional Hosta Society for more info.
July 19 Annual Members Hosta Auction - Let's make this year's auction for the sale of only those special or rarer select hostas from your garden. Pot up early, label, and drop off at any officer's home or bring them to the auction. If you need assistance in digging hostas in your garden, please contact one of the officers and we will arrange a "digging crew."
August No Meeting
Sept 20 Guest Speaker - Lee Coates "Japanese Maples in the Hosta Garden"
Oct 18 Meeting - Sally Barrett from Sugar Creek Gardens "Designing Containers for Fall/Winter Interest"
November No Meeting
Dec 6 Holiday Party


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